Just in Time for Finals Week: 5 Distracting De-Stressors

Feeling stressed because of Finals? Take a break from studying and try one or more of these distracting de-stressors.

Meditation – It doesn’t have to be the kind practiced by monks or hippies, lots of people meditate these days.  Start small with a minute or two a day and add more time as you get used to it.  If you like it, you can always add to your practice. If the thought of sitting still to meditate doesn’t sound appealing. Get some fresh air and focus your thoughts while walking the labyrinth on the Library’s south side.

Exercise – Take advantage of the warmer November/December weather to go for a brisk walk or run or take the time to squeeze in some jumping jacks or squats and bicep curls before hitting the books.


Tiny figures working out from Giphy.com

Animal time – Therapy dogs are popping up on more and more college campuses during finals week.  In fact, Simon the schnauzer will be visiting the Metro State Library Lounge on Monday, December 5th, 12-1:30. Can’t make it on Monday? No problem!  Look into volunteering at your local animal shelter or the Animal Humane Society.  There are always animals in need of care and who knows, maybe you’ll find a therapy pet of your own to take home.


Simon the therapy dog while on duty.

Coloring – You did it as a kid, who says you have to stop as an adult?  Adult coloring books and pages are popping up everywhere.  Get mesmerized by mandalas or enchanted by elephants.  Grabbing free, online versions is easiest, but a book to call your own is fun too.

Sleep – Depending on your age, 8-10 hours of sleep is the recommended nightly amount.  Without enough sleep it is harder to focus your attention on tasks, such as studying or taking a final exam. Sleep is also when your brain consolidates information and stabilizes memory. In short, squeezing in a nap is a great way to retain more info!


Student catching some Zzzz’s in front of the second floor fireplace at Metro State Library 2nd floor lounge.

For bonus points – laugh more.  It really is the best medicine!

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About the Authors

Mallory Kroschel is an Information Commons Specialist at Metropolitan State University Library

Katherine Gerwig is an Information Commons Specialist at Metropolitan State University Library


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