Collaborative Novel

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

Whoever said that novel writing couldn’t be a novel experience?  November is National Novel Writing Month and we here at the Metropolitan State University Library and Learning Center would like to invite you to help write a collaborative novel.  Novel writing will begin today, November 1st, and continue on through the rest of the month.  Here are a few things you should know before you write with us.

  1. Individuals may contribute to the novel once per day.
  2. Daily entries may be no shorter than a paragraph, but no longer than a page.
  3. The font style, font size, and font color  for each entry, are up to the contributors discretion.
  4. All contributions must be written in English for the sake of consistency.  There is a dialogue exception. A translation of the discussion should be written in parentheses afterwards.
  5. To be credited for an entry, please include your name at the end of the entry.  (The finished novel will be bound and available for reading at a later date and contributors names will be listed in the index with corresponding page numbers.)
  6. Metropolitan State University Library staff will perform light structural editing to keep the novel  organized throughout the process.
  7. We are not looking to write the next Fifty Shade of Gray so lets keep it clean.
  8. Questions or concerns can be sent to  In addition, if you would like a .pdf of the finished product sent to you please send us your email address.

We are signed up with the official NaNoWriMo website and will have our word count verified with them at the end of the month.  The goal is 50,000 words in 30 days or about 1700 words a day.  You can find the collaborative google doc here.

The story is waiting to start and we need you to help write it.

He was in a hurry so he slipped it on before getting back in the car….

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