Open Access in Action


Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. What makes it possible is the internet and the consent of the author or copyright-holder.

-Peter Suber

This past week has been Open Access Week. This year’s theme is Open Access (OA) in Action. The Library has recently taken action to support OA through the purchase of a repository platform (BePress). We are working through the set-up process this semester. Starting Spring semester we will digitize and ingest a couple of pilot collections. We hope to have the archival portion of the platform operational by next Fall. Eventually, the repository will provide a home for student and faculty works and university archival materials of historical value.

Metropolitan State University values inclusion and the ability for all voices to be heard. Making faculty, staff, and student scholarship, along with other university works accessible to the widest possible community is a clear demonstration of the university’s values.

Want to do do something to support OA? Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Archive your work in a repository when possible. There are disciplinary repositories such as: arXiv, dryad, ICPSR, SocArXiv, or SSRN that may take your pre-prints, post-prints, or data.
  • Work to retain your author rights.
  • Obtain an ORCID.
  • Start conversations with your colleagues and students on the viability of OA publishing models, the impact of making scholarship widely available, or ways you can support OA.

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