Have you ever wanted to learn more about a subject briefly touched on in class? Would you like to compare what you learned with another course? Or maybe you have wanted to take a course in another subject but you didn’t have the time for it?

Are you an instructor looking for a supplemental tool to support concepts learned in class or teach technical skills needed to complete an assignment? has a large collection of online classes covering business, professional development, software, technology and creative professional topics.  As a currently enrolled Metropolitan State University student, access to the premium membership is free, you just need to set up your account using the Metropolitan State University e-mail provided to you (  They even have a course on how to navigate the website.

The tutorials are broken down into short topic specific sections so you don’t have to watch the entire 6 hour tutorial on Excel, you can just find the section dealing with what you are trying to do and watch it. Instructors can also use links to the sections to point students directly to the most useful sections of a tutorial instead of asking them to watch a tutorial in its entirety.


Metro State link to

If the link above does not work then type: ““, in the search bar, or navigate through the Metropolitan State University website by following these steps:
1.) Start with the homepage, click on the Current Students link in the black bar on top of the website

2.) Click on the Learning Resources tab.

3.) Scroll down the list of Learning Resources until you get to number 5 and click on the link named, “Student Tools and Resources”. This will bring you to another list.

4.) Look for item “2: Online Training” and click on the “Access at Metropolitan State” link.

This is what an online course looks like:

2 course welcome page

You can click on different sections of the lecture or read along with the transcript as the video plays:

3 interactive transcript

The benefits of premier membership over basic access include downloadable files and downloadable course video, practice code and quizzes. Premier membership is normally $29.99 a month and basic membership is $19.99 a month. But for Metro State students it is free!

4 membership options

Fun fact: If you have a library card from the Hennepin County Library System* or the Saint Paul Public Library System* you also have access to  Their links are listed below.

Hennepin County Library

Saint Paul Public Library

*Membership level is unknown

Metropolitan State University is in no way affiliated with

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