Little Free Library at Metro State

Welcome to the newest Dayton’s Bluff Little Free Library! The Little Free Library is located on 7th Street just off the path to the labyrinth. Stop by and grab a book from it or place a book in it!


Little Free Library at Metropolitan State University

What is a Little Free Library? Keep reading to find out!

The Basics

Little Free Library is a worldwide book exchange working to promote literacy and the love of reading. Little Free Libraries are all unique structures and are commonly made from wood. The boxes have been made to resemble schoolhouses, town halls, churches, and a variety of other structures. Each Little Free Library has an independent steward who establishes and maintains the structure. The stewards of the Little Free Library can either order one through the organization’s catalog or build their own. Community organizations can also be involved as a steward for a Little Free Library: common examples are local Boy or Girl Scout troops, churches, Rotary clubs, etc. Anyone can steward a Little Free Library (See below for more information on stewarding your own Little Free Library).

Quick History

The story of the Little Free Library begins in Hudson, Wisconsin. In 2009 Todd Bol, a creative artisan in Hudson, created a model of a one room schoolhouse. Originally Todd built it as a tribute to his mother who was a teacher and loved to read.


Todd’s first Free Little Library was a hit in his community. Todd would then partner with Rick Brooks from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Rick contributed his social media expertise and community development experience toward growing the program. Together, Todd and Rick established a goal to have 2,510 Little Free Libraries across the globe; the same number of public libraries funded by Andrew Carnegie in the 19th and 20th century, a major source of inspiration for the project. While Todd and Rick established the foundations of Free Little Library it has been the embrace and advocacy of individual stewards that have propelled the growth of Free Little Libraries across the globe. Click here to access the Little Free Libraries World Map and locate a little free library near you!

Get Involved

Learn more about Little Free Libraries here: This website has all the information you need and more!

Here is a quick rundown of the process of starting your own Little Free Library:

1. Identify a Little Free Library location and steward
2. Get a library (build it yourself, find someone in your community to build one, or purchase one)
3. Register your Library
4. Build support via community involvement, media, etc.
5. Add your library to the World Map

Keep your eyes peeled for information on the dedication for Metro State’s Little Free Library in the coming months.


Little Free Library at Metro State near labyrinth

A special thanks to Michelle Desilets, Michelle Filkins, and Jennifer DeJonghe for their work bringing a LFL to the Saint Paul campus area.

Sources: All information used in this blog post has been taken from “”

About the Author

John Reardon is a Circulation Desk Assistant at the Metropolitan State University Library and Learning Center.

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