#MetroBigRead Twitter Chat: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Martha Hardy

Join us on Twitter on Wednesday, March 16 at 7:00 pm using the #MetroBigRead hashtag to share your thoughts and questions about Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston, and related topics. Never been to a Twitter chatted before? It’s easy!

  1. Log into Twitter.
  2. Search on the #metrobigread hashtag.
  3. Respond to question prompts and comments using the #metrobigread hashtag.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Here are some discussion questions to get us started. Be sure to share your own questions in the discussion as well.

  • Why does Janie choose to tell her story only to her best friend Pheoby? How does Pheoby respond at the end of Janie’s tale?
  • What does watching the blossoming pear make Janie realize? What does she do in response to this “awakening”? Why does her action upset her grandmother?
  • How does the image of the black woman as “the mule of the world” become a symbol for the roles Janie chooses or refuses to play during her quest?
  • How important is Hurston’s use of vernacular dialect to our understanding of Janie and the other characters and their way of life? What do speech patterns reveal about the quality of these lives and the nature of these communities? In what ways are “their tongues cocked and loaded, the only real weapon” of these people?
  • Re-read the last three pages of the novel. How do the imagery and tone connect with other moments in the novel? Does Janie’s story end in triumph, despair, or a mixture of both?

Learn more about Zora Neale Hurston and Their Eyes Were Watching God:

Metro Big Read is a community-wide reading program featuring the book Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. Free copies of the book are still available to Metro Big Read participants at the Metro State Library at 645 E. 7th St., Saint Paul, MN.

Metro Big Read is part of The Big Read, a program of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest. Primary partners in Metro Big Read include Metropolitan State University Library, Saint Paul Public Libraries, and the East Side Freedom Library. This community-wide read provides opportunities for our community to have a shared experience of engaging with themes and issues in the selected book while strengthening the bonds between community organizations and disparate Metropolitan State University campuses.

This year’s Metro Big Read book is being taught in over 15 courses at Metropolitan State and is the focus of over 20 university and community book discussions and cultural events taking place at multiple Twin Cities locations January 28th – March 31st. For more information, see http://libguides.metrostate.edu/metrobigread.

#MetroBigRead Twitter Chat: Their Eyes Were Watching God
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
7:00 – 9:00 pm Central Time
Led by Martha Hardy @metrostatelib

About the Author

Martha Hardy is a Reference & Instruction Librarian and Associate Professor at Metropolitan State University.

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