New Student Tips for Around Campus by Library Student Workers

As you are settling into the fall semester, our student workers have provided a few tips and tricks to help make life on campus a little bit easier:

Tip #1: Door seem impossible to get through? Try the handicap button. If the person in front of you used the handicap button, it will take superhuman strength to pry them open on your own. BONUS: During flu season you can use your elbow and spread fewer germs!

Tip #2: Trouble finding resources? Visit the reference desk on the first floor of the library where smiling, knowledgeable faces hang out waiting to help you locate information!

Tip #3: You can download Microsoft Office for FREE through your student email! This free access to Office remains available as long as you are a current registered Metro State student.

Tip #4: Can’t find what you’re looking for on the new website? When you go to hit END on your keyboard and the majority of the links you need (Library, D2L, eservices, portal) can be found on the bottom of the page.

Tip #5: Starving student? Food for Thought (FH 201A) will hook you up with free food if you qualify. They have snacks to grab if you don’t have time to shop for your monthly allotment!

Tip #6: Burger King, Carbone’s, and the Dancing Goat are nearby if you can’t find the mysterious cafeteria in the lower level of New Main.

Tip #7: You can reserve study rooms online or drop by a desk and see if any are available! Students can check out study rooms for four hour blocks.

Do you have handy tips to share? Let us know on Instagram @metrostatelib or on Facebook!

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