The Center for Academic Excellence is Gearing up for Fall, by Suzanne Nielsen


Chris West, Suzanne Nielsen and Jules Thompson

Since the Library and Learning Center’s inception, the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) has resided in LIB 130. From my office I have a clear view of the labyrinth, built in honor and memory of the man in black, David Barton. Every time I look upon the labyrinth I think of David, along with the host of kooky colleagues that have graced this building and continue to do so. The CAE is fortunate to have such smart and respectful neighbors: walking past the Information Commons Desk throughout the day and being recognized with a smile, a nod, or a thumbs-up makes a working environment that much more meaningful. A mutual respect continues to grow as we share the air in this building and the students feel it, too.

This is a hub for students: a hub that encourages pocketing the phone for the time being and giving attention to the desire for learning. Together, the CAE and Library Services are passionate about learning and sharing that passion to students at Metro State. The CAE offers students, individual, and group tutoring within the disciplines of writing, math and ICS. We have three locations: MDWY Campus, rooms H & I; MPLS Camps MEC building, room 4070; STP Campus, LIB130. Please visit our website at: and/or give us a call at 651-793-1460 to schedule your free tutorial appointment with one of our professional tutors.

Dalai Lama

CAE mascot Dalai Lama

As I gaze once again out my window, I observe two community members seated on a bench, engaged in dialogue. Another person walks the labyrinth slowly, yet with a mission. The late August breeze floats clusters of clouds past my window. I see a VW Bug, or is that the outline of Georgia? Nothing is finer than the subtle reminder that each cloud holds its own figment of imagination within the individual human mind.

Classes have just started for fall semester. The Library Building has started humming with students eager to learn, anxious to ask questions, and maybe even a bit overwrought about an upcoming assignment. Bring it all on, that’s what we live for: to assist student success and encourage their voices to roar.

The CAE will reopen on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 for testing and tutoring services.

Make a tutoring appointment by:

Phone: 651-793-1460,


Online at:

About the Author

Suzanne Nielsen is the Tutor Coordinator for the Center for Academic Excellence and Community Faculty at Metro State University.

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