Streaming video: bring your course topics to life, by Jennifer DeJonghe

Are you a film lover? Do you find yourself getting sucked into a never-ending vortex of awesome Youtube videos on a regular basis? Do you love the convenience of streaming film services like Netflix?

The Metropolitan State University library offers student-friendly streaming film services for your viewing pleasure, accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection. We have over 49,000 streaming films available for use on a wide variety of topics. Here are a few of our more popular titles; clicking on the images will take you to the videos, which you will need your StarID to access.

Rashomon (89 minutes, 1950)
Akira Kurosawa. Criterion Collection/Janus Films

This 1950 Japanese drama tells a crime story using a unique plot device. The same incident is re-told a number of times, each time from the perspective of a different participant. This film is the origin of the term “Rashomon effect”, a phrase describing contradictory interpretations.

Transgender Tuesdays

Transgender Tuesdays (95 minutes, 2014)
Mark Freeman

This gripping documentary tells the story of the Trangender Tuesdsays public health clinic which opened in 1993 in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. It was the first clinic in the country targeted toward transgendered people and their care. Twelve different patients tell their stories through interviews, archival photos and film clips.


56 Up (138 minutes, 2012)
Michael Apted/ First Run Features

In 1964, filmmaker Michael Apted interviewed a group of British 7-year-olds about their lives and dreams in a documentary called Seven Up. Every seven years since then he has gone back to interview the same children to see how their lives are developing. In the latest installment, the children, now 56 years old, share the highs and lows of their lives thus far. This provocative series is a meditation on aging, class, the way we are shaped by society, and by the choices we make in our lives.

Race: The Power of an Illusion

Race: The Power of an Illusion (3 parts, 56 minutes each. 2003)
Larry Adelman. California Newsreel/ PBS

Scientists and geneticists have asserted that the racial categories we are all familiar with have no basis in biology; genetically we are all the same. However, race plays a large role in our lived experiences. This powerful series explores the historical and cultural events and forces that have shaped our views of race.


Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women (46 minutes, 2010)
Jean Kilbourne/ Media Education Foundation

This is a scathing critique of the way advertisers represent women and display their bodies in advertisements. Feminist author Jean Kilbourne analyzes a number of images as she makes the case that these advertisements have a negative impact on our society and on individual women.

Want to see all the films you have access to in our collections? Go to the library homepage, click “find books, videos and more” and then use the Films search box to search all our titles at once. If you are faculty and want help embedding a film into your D2L course pages, please email us.

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