Books and films for hungry minds, by Monte Bute

The library’s new second-floor display is a collection of items curated by Associate Professor of Sociology Monte Bute. Some highlights of his selections are listed here, but to see more (and check something out!) please stop by. Are you interested in having your own favorites highlighted as a display and blog post? We would love to work with other Metropolitan State faculty and staff members. To get started, contact us at

About his list, Monte says:

The most common lament I hear from former students and other adult learners is that they miss the intellectual stimulation that they experienced during their college years. Lifelong learning is often a solitary and somewhat frustrating adventure. A well-educated person still needs trusted resources. This list of novels, essays, and plays are some of the works that have provided meaning for my intellectual journey. I have tried to avoid books that are overly academic and esoteric. However, I do promise that they are works of substance, and that they will challenge you as they have challenged me. The films listed are in response to repeated student requests for quality things to watch. Be forewarned: Unless you are multilingual, prepare for subtitles and not all these films are for everyone (just move on down the list!). These lists are not static; what I include today has changed since yesterday and, hopefully, it will be transformed by tomorrow. That should be the story of the life your own mind.



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