Thank You!

The Library Events Committee would like to thank a few people for their help with the anniversary open house and reception. The anniversary open house was a successful celebration of the library and learning center and how it has enriched the lives of Metro State students and people living in Dayton’s Bluff. The reception was a time to reflect on how far we’ve come and how the library and learning center has impacted the communities of which it is a part.


Without the assistance of these people the anniversary events would not have been the successes they were:

  • Thomas Maida and our library security officers. In particular: Chris, Charles, Jacob, and Kristina who ensured guests, readers, and speakers attending the events had decent places to park, provided instructions for parking, set up reserved parking spots, printed signs, arranged sandwich boards, and ensured everyone was safe and had a pleasant experience.
  • Tom Cook and Deb Vos who made sure we had the information we needed for our visiting VIPs, assisted with parking arrangements, sent and received numerous e-mails and served as liaisons for donors and VIP guests.
  • Poh Lin Khoo, Michelle Frantzen, Matthew Spillum, and Nicholas Theiss who worked with us to design invitations and flyers, and made sure the community was aware of our events.
  • Sue Amos Palmer was a wealth of information, photographs and other materials on the building and history of the library.
  • Lee Vang and Student Affairs who designed and sent out e-mail flyers and invitations.
  • Renee King and Facilities for helping out in our time of need.Nathan Fell at Science Saturday table.
  • Jodi Woodward who arranged for student ambassadors to work at the events.
  • The student ambassadors who gave building tours and worked the reception sign-in table.
  • Luis Lopez, Laura Brodie, Hayley Guevara, Maggie Rassett for the student readings at the open house.
  • Isley Chang, CAE student worker who created the origami station at the open house.
  • Russ Wilkie, student worker for IT who got us up and running for the reception.
  • ICES student workers; Naima Jama and Nathan Fell, who assisted with tabling, scanned comments, designed and worked stations at the open house, created library passports, and more.
  • Library student workers: Belinda Carillo, Amber Hamm, and Elvin Widjaja, who created a fantastic slideshow documenting the last ten years of life in the library and learning center.
  • Allison Cole whose awesome photographic skills were put to good use at the reception.
  • Chris Schafer, Greg Mellas, Kathleen Conger, Erica Rasmussen, James Byrne, Julie Thompson, Suzanne Nielson, and Rita Mullins for their general support and expertise.
  • Jill Boldenow for promoting the events with the Saint Paul Public Library

Isley Chang and Suzanne Nielson at the origami station.Last but not least, all of the Metro State Library, Dayton’s Bluff Library, Center for Academic Excellence, Gordon Parks Gallery, and Metro Bookstore staff who gave their time to assist with the events, created programs, arranged to be open on days they normally would have been closed, designed activities and promotions, performed random and sometimes odd tasks, crunched data, and made it possible for us to host over 150 guests to two events over two days while keeping the library running smoothly for all of our regular patrons. You know who you are and you know we think … You all are awesome!

Huge thank yous!


The Library Events and Publicity committee

Katherine Arndt, Kathleen Conger, Jennifer DeJonghe, Michelle Filkins, Martha Hardy, Nancy Kerr, and Jennifer Trost

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