Memories of the old library by Liz Keeler

When I think of what a nice building we have now, it is hard to believe what a small space the library had in New Main 105. Visualize a large open space in the middle with offices on either end. My memories may be a little fuzzy, but it seemed that one half of the large open space was the computer lab for students with the IT offices in the back at the other end and the other half was the library.
We started with a combined circulation and reference desk which was later changed to the circulation desk on one side of an aisle and the reference desk on the other, with some other variations in between. Dave Barton’s office as the library director was next to the circulation desk with the periodical room next to Dave’s office and the shelves of books we had across from that.


The picture you see of the periodical room looks very staid and library like, but my favorite memory of it is the time we investigated why the door was closed and found it was being used a place to make out.

Not all the pictures you’ll see will match my memory because from the very beginning the library was constantly changing as it grew. The office at the end contained the entire book processing staff-both acquisitions and serials, the office manager, Interlibrary loan and the office of the assistant director of technical services at the very back. We had so little extra space that when we started ordering books for the new library, we quickly had to develop storage options for them.

We are so fortunate now to have a large, beautiful space shared with the public library, the Center for Academic Excellence, and the Metro Bookstore. Join us for our Open House (October 26th, 2-4) and Reception (October 28th, 4:30-6:30) to celebrate 10 years of us being in a library much bigger than a shoebox.

Check out our event pages for more information.

Open House


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